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Principal   Investigator

Dr. Varun Raghunathan

Assistant Professor,   Since July-2016

Ph. D, University of California Los Angeles, 2008

MS, University of California Los Angeles, 2005

BE, Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, 2002

My areas of interest are in nonlinear optics, multiphoton microscopy and integrated photonic devices. Previously I was working as a research scientist at Agilent Research Labs, Santa Clara, CA, USA from 2012-2016 in the area of biomedical imaging for cancer diagnostics and its clinical translation. I did my postdoctoral training under Professor Eric Potma at University of California Irvine, Chemistry department in the area of nonlinear optical microscopy with the focus on developing novel techniques for resolution and sensitivity improvement. I did my MS and Ph. D at University of California Los Angles, Electrical Engineering department from 2002-2008 under the guidance of Professor Bahram Jalali in the area of silicon photonics and building active photonic devices in silicon using Raman nonlinear optical processes. Please visit the other pages to learn more about my research, teaching interests, publications and about the Photonics Lab.

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Urmila Bag

Research Interest:- Metasurface

Since 2021-


Asish Prosad

Research Interest:- On chip Quantum devices for Quantum application

Since 2016-

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Rabindra Biswas

Research Interest:- Nonlinear Nano-photonics in 2D material

Since 2017-


Sushma Gali

Research Interest:- On Chip Sensor

Since 2017-

(Under NA interdisciplinary program)


Sathisha Ramachandrapura Nagaraju

Research Interest:- Visible Light Communication

Since 2018-

(Under QIP program)

Research Scholar (Phd)


Lal Krishna AS

Research Interest:- Nonlinear Metasurface

Since 2018-


Jyothsna K M

Research Interest:- Super resolution Microscopy and Biophotonics for Cancer detection

Since 2019-


Faheem Ahmed

Research Interest:- Visible light Communication

Since 2017-


Jayanta Deka

Research Interest:- Nonlinear metasurface

Since 2017-

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Gokul A

Research Interest:- Quantum Communication

Since 2021-

Research Scholar (Mtech/Mtech (research)/MS 

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Shreyam Maity

Research Interest:- Quantum Key Distribution

Since 2020-


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Govind Kumar

Research Interest:- Metasurface

Since 2022-

Project Associate /intern

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Harinee Natarajan

Research Interest:- Quantum Key Distribution

Since 2020-

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